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GOSHEN, NY – Today, Alison Esposito, a 25-year veteran of the New York Police Department (NYPD), former candidate for Lieutenant Governor, and Candidate for Congress in New York’s 18th Congressional District, joined Carl Higbie FRONTLINE on NEWSMAX TV to discuss the surge of illegal immigration at the southern border, the impeachment of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and her race for Congress. She posted the following statements on Twitter and Facebook.

Watch the clip here.

On the Biden Administration’s failed border and immigration enforcement policies:

Border security is national security, and the Biden administration is failing miserably on all accounts. Just looking at fiscal year 2023, we had 300 known terrorists cross our southern border, and those are the ones we CAUGHT, not to mention the ‘got aways.’ I mean we’re in danger right now.

There’s no rule of law. That’s the whole key with the Biden Administration. There isn’t a rule of law. We don’t hold criminals accountable for their actions. We don’t have our leaders, or our oath holders uphold their oath of office, like Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas.

Alison Esposito

On the impeachment of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas:

He (Mayorkas) is incredibly bad at his job. He is failing to uphold his oath of office. An impeachment is absolutely the right step forward. The American people deserve and have the right to know what is going on at our southern border. He sat there and testified in 2021, that they’ve rescinded all of the Trump policies, there were too many for him to mention. He’s an open border guy and (until now) there’s been no accountability.

Alison Esposito

On her race for Congress in New York’s 18th Congressional District:

I am running against Pat Ryan in New York’s 18th Congressional District…Pat Ryan was the Ulster County Executive, while he was the Ulster County Executive, he made Ulster County a sanctuary county, he refused to cooperate with ICE.

While I was a New York City cop, dealing with the ‘mostly peaceful protests,’ AKA riots, down in the city and getting things thrown at me off of rooftops, he was marching with BLM and ‘Defund the Police’, and called weapons that the cops have ‘weapons of war’, this is the guy we are up against.

When I ran with Lee (Zeldin) in 2022, we won the district by 3 points. This is a district that is winnable because the American people are fed up (with rising crime and Democrats failed policies). Even in the Hudson Valley, in Middletown, a bedroom community of New York City, last week, two people were killed by a migrant awaiting deportation. It’s hitting home in the Hudson Valley.

Alison Esposito



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