Happy Passover 

Today marks the first day of Passover. This holiday celebrates the liberation of Jews from the threats of genocide and slavery along with their escape from Egypt. Passover is celebrated by big feasts and gatherings for the seder, where we retell the stories of this time to celebrate the miracles that helped the Jewish people leave Egypt. 

This year, however, in this new post-October 7th world we are living in, many Jewish and Israeli families will have empty seats at their Seders. Maurice Shnaider is a Hudson Valley resident who will have empty seats at his table tonight, as his niece and her two baby boys remain held in captivity in Gaza by Hamas terrorists. This is the first Passover since the atrocious attack by Hamas terrorists took place over six months ago, and the messages of this holiday could not resonate more. 

Currently, the Jewish people face another very real threat to their existence. The October 7th attack, the worst single-day attack on Jews since the Holocaust, was one driven by pure anti-semtism and the mission of murdering Jews. Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and its proxies share this mission, and unfortunately these impacts are being felt here at home. Our college campuses have been overrun by Jew-hating students, professors, and faculty who refuse to lead with moral clarity.

As Jewish families gather today to celebrate their holiday, they should feel safe and secure to practice their religion. I want our Jewish neighbors to know that I will always protect and fight for them. Just as the Jewish people have survived threats to existence for thousands of years, they will continue to thrive today, but it is up to us to unite in the face of evil. I wish every person celebrating today a very Happy Passover.


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