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GOSHEN, NY – Today, Alison Esposito, a 25-year veteran of the New York Police Department (NYPD), former candidate for Lieutenant Governor, and Candidate for Congress in New York’s 18th Congressional District, joined Carley Shimkus on Fox News Channel to discuss her reaction to news of illegal migrants who were released after assaulting NYPD officers while robbing a Target store. She posted the following statements on Twitter and Facebook.

Watch the clip here.

On far-left Democrat political leaders ignoring rising crime rates:

It doesn’t make sense. It seems like this is all too familiar a story. This is an “every day thing”. We pick up the paper, or we turn on the television and we see the news. It’s just crime after crime after crime. Yet the Biden Administration, or the Hochul Administration, or my opponent Pat Ryan, will try to tell you, “Don’t believe your eyes, fear is just a perception of the crime.'”

…You have these amazing police officers, that go out every day, and they put themselves on the line. And actually, the New York City Police Department Chief of Patrol, John Chell, made the point the other day. The police are interacting with these dangerous repeat offenders. Whether they’re migrants or New York City offenders it doesn’t matter. You now interact with these criminals. You get them off the street. They fight with you. They were throwing rocks at the cops. You get them off the street. You get them before a judge. Now you want them incarcerated. But no, they’re being released. To now once again go interact with the great New York City police officers. Eventually, the cops are going to get hurt, the people are going to get hurt, the innocents are going to get hurt, and the Biden administration, the Hochul administration, Pay Ryan, they will try to tell you that “crime is down that immigration isn’t a problem, that we have everything under control.’

Alison Esposito

On Pat Ryan’s support for sanctuary city policies:

It’s a huge problem (sanctuary cities). It’s the sanctuary city problem. And you have that with Mayor Adams, with Kathy Hochul, with my opponent Pat Ryan, who happened to be the Ulster County Executive in 2019 that signed an executive order making Ulster County a sanctuary county, he refused to cooperate with ICE. What’s supposed to happen, is when you have dangerous criminals who have crossed our border illegally, and they’re committing crimes, they are supposed to be removed. It’s not just New York City either. My home district, in Middletown. About a week and a half ago. You had a double homicide by an individual, just outside of New York in a bedroom community. Who was awaiting a deportation hearing. This is the way it’s supposed to happen. We’re supposed to coordinate with ICE, and get violent criminals out of our country and off of our streets… But you have Pat Ryan, Kathy Hochul, Mayor Adams, Joe Biden saying – ‘sanctuary cities are ok.’

Alison Esposito

On Joe Biden reportedly now considering using executive action to close the U.S. border with Mexico:

The sense of urgency is because it’s an election year. And this really should speak to the American public. For the last 3 years – illegals are crossing over our border at record rates, we had 300 known terrorists that were caught crossing our southern border. Not to mention the “got aways.” Not to mention who is already in the country. Now because it’s an election year, all this time he has been saying “oh, I can’t do anything.” Meanwhile, Mayorkas himself in ’21 said that they came in and rescinded so many Trump-era policies, that it was too long for him to mention. But now in an election year they can do something? This should speak to the American public. People like Laken Riley, people like the two individuals in Middletown who lost their lives last week, or the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have overdosed on Fentanyl due to it pouring over our southern border, President Biden had the ability to shut it down this entire team, and he didn’t.

Alison Esposito



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